Description          Parameters

Input Voltage     :   110-220V
Output Voltage  :   12V, 3A
Nozzle Diameter:   0.4 mm
Filament Type   :   1.75 mm ABS/PLA

3D Printing Pen

  • Light weight design which ensures user is not tired even after operating for long.
  • Slim design and easy to handle.
  • Adjustable Speed and Easy to control.
  • Heating ring and nozzle is the integrated cartridge design.
  • Adjustable Temperature.
  • Intelligent standby function.
  • Enters standby in 5 minutes of non-operation.

VAMAA 3D Pen is an excellent tool for 3D Drawing, Arts and Crafts Printing. VAMAA 3D Pen Brings your art to life. This pen replaces ink with plastic which melts at a high temperature to create a 3D object instead of just an idea on paper. Your hand movements can create the  art  as  the  3D pen

follows  your movement

and  command as it can

be  used  to  draw in the

air or on surface as well

as  tracing   objects   on


Key Features

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