Technical Specifications



Description                                   Parameters of SG-PS-300MM

Framework                                        :  ARM-A9
Processor                                          :  Dual Core 1.5 GHz
Built-in OS                                         :  Embedded Linux3.0 OS
RAM                                                  :  1 GB
USB port                                           :   USB2.0 port×3
Storage                                             :   4 GB Flash 
Video                                                :   1080P
Upgrade Firmware                           :   Update
Physical Dimensions(mm)                :   164 X 116 X 32 mm
Weight                                              :   200g
Power supply                                    :   DC 5V/2A
Energy Consumption                        :   Static Power less than 5W,Maximum Power less than 7.5W
Video                                                :   Support 1080P HD video on remote desktop
                                                         :   The user can install Shine Player in the server first.
Protocol                                            :   RDP 7.1
External Port                                     :   HDMI, VGA, USB X 3, RJ45, Power supply port,Switch port
Working Temperature                       :   -20 ~50℃
Video format Supported                    :  WMV,AVI,MP4,RM,RMVB,FLV,MKV

​​VAMAA SG-PS-300MM built-in RDP 7.1 protocol enabling users to work on various office software's, browsing webpage's, MS software applications and still operate in very fast speed with stability. It supports 1080P HDMI Online Video in remote desktop, such as YouTube HD video. Supports online streaming video when connected with all  Server Windows & Linux OS. 

​It is also Known in the market by the name of Thin clientThin client solution,Mini Computers,Network PC Station .  

Usage of SG-PS-300MM

  • Support 32 bit color.
  • Support playing 1080P HD Online Video.
  • Adjust the resolution automatically according to the monitor.
  • Support MIC & SPEAKER in server OS windows 7 & 2008.
  • Support multi-language, such as French, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, English and Chinese etc.
  • Support multi-language keyboards in different country, such as Portuguese keyboard, French keyboard etc.
  • Support all Server Windows & Linux OS.

Features of SG-PS-300MM 

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