SG-PS-Android 2.3

Description                                   Parameters of SG-PS-Android 2.3

CPU                                              :     AML 1GHz
OS                                                :     Supported Android 2.3OS
RAM                                             :     512 MB
Flash/Hard disk                            :    Flash 128MB to 128GB,hard disk 500GB
Video                                            :    VGA Resolution   : 1024*768/1440*90/1280*1024
                                                          HDMI Resolution  : 1280*720/1920*1080(MAX)
USB port                                      :    USB 2.0 port (×4)
COM port                                    :    1
Physical dimensions                   :    145X92X25MM
Weight (g)                                  :     200(g)
Audio output                              :     Yes
Audio Input                                :     Yes
WIFI option                                :     Yes
Power adapter                           :     DC power supply 5V/2A
Energy consumption                 :    Static power is less than 5W, less than 7.5W efficiency at                                                                    maximum

VGA Port

Technical Specifications

​​​​​ VAMAA SG-PS-Android 2.3 is very cost effective Thin client solution, its hardware & software is conducive to safeguarding and convenient management. SG-PS-Android 2.3 can be directly connected Windows 2000/XP/2003/Windows7/2008 server and share resources with the host PC. SG-PS-Android 2.3 can operate through RDP to connect server under remote virtual machine. It unified management of the entire system upgrade and maintenance in host PC . SG-PS-Android 2.3 with compact body is noiseless and without radiation, healthy and environmental protection. SG-PS-Android 2.3 has a strong local entertainment features and remote access servers, shared hosting resources function.

It is also Known in the market by the name of Thin clientThin client solution,Mini Computers,Network PC Station .  

Usage of SG-PS-Android 2.3

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