VAMAA Infrared Interactive Whiteboard SG-IW-78IRT(G+) adopts the world leading infrared positioning technology. Your finger or any other opaque item is your mouse, This high quality, performance, cost-effective interactive whiteboard will bring vibrant and smooth user experience to Indian education and business field. The combination with VAMAA Total Teaching Solution SG-CC-TTS3 can make teaching and meeting Vibrant and fun to attend and work with interaction.
Description Parameter
Physical Size 1782mm(W)X1190MM(H) X30.5(T)mm+-2mm
Interactive Screen Area 1652mm(W)X 1126mm(H)+-2mm
Proportion 4:03
Touch Sensor IR(Infrared) Techonology
Positioning Accuracy <0.5mm
Cursor Speed 180dot/sec
Touch Resolution 4096×4096, Max,32768×32768
Response Speed First dot (Click): 15ms First Dot
Continuous dots (write):8ms
Screen Surface Hard-coated steel surface,optimized for projection, compatible with dry-erase marker and water based pen.
PC Port USB 2.0, USB 3.0
Accessories USB Cable Installation, CD, User’s Manual, wall mount,pen.
Power supply USB Power Supply
Temperature Working Temperature: -10’C TO +50’C
Working Humidity Operation 10% -90% Storage :0-95%
Operating System Driver Free For Windows 7/Win 8/Window8.1/ Win 10
(Drive Required for Linux, Mac, Android )
Touch Two people can write the same time