VAMAA Visual presenter SG-VP-VH802A3AF is a completely new concept document camera designed for instructions and presentations anywhere in or out of the classroom or office. SG-VP-VH802A3AF is one of the highest quality imaging mobile presenters on the market.Ideal for teachers teach in several locations and business travellers. It allows users to choose a color (white, pastel pink, matte black) that best suit their various teaching or business needs.Visual presenter SG-VP-VH802A3AF is a COST-EFFECTIVE, TIME-SAVING, and EASY-TO-USE ICT (Information Communication Technologies) tool. Simply connect the visualiser/document camera with a projector or monitor or interactive whiteboard and just switch it on. All that’s left to do is to place the desired object under the camera.
Description Parameter
Model VH802A3AF
Resolution 5.0 MG(2560*1920)
Working Mode Support Online & Offline Mode
Medium Type Book, File,Magazine,Picture,3D objects,etc.
Focus Mode Auto Focus
Scanning Size A3
Scanning Speed 1S
Frame rate 30Fps
Image Color 24 bits
Video Format AVI, WMV
Light Source Natural LED Light
Image Format JPEG, TIF, BMP, PNG
Interface USB2.0, HDMI
Image Control Brightness,exposure, sharpness,hue,gain
Sensor COMS
Remote Control Support