About us

We are manufacturer and markets E-Education Equipments Products under the brand name VAMAA .


Supreme Global Trading Pvt. Ltd. 

Manufactures and Markets E-Education Equipments products under the brand name VAMAA. Our products are a combination of an essential core technology, continued innovation, award-winning design and competitive price performance. VAMAA offers high volume manufacturing with focused quality control, worldwide distribution and logistics, and the ability to leverage its infrastructure under changing demands and conditions.

VAMAA continues to broaden its products offerings and its presence in the Education sector. To provide the market with broadening array of best-in-category products. VAMAA’s business model known for supplementing its internal engineering and manufacturing strength with more products and technologies through a combination of strategic acquisitions and industry partnerships.



Interactive Whiteboards

VAMAA Infrared Interactive Whiteboard SG-IW-78IRS(G+) adopts the world leading infrared positioning technology. Your finger or any other opaque item is your mouse, This high quality,


Mini Desktop Computer

VAMAA SG-PS-X2000 is Mini Desktop Computer, adopting Intel HD1900 Chipset Quad Core with up to 8GB RAM 1TB Hard drive or 256GB SSD. VAMAA’S SG-PS-X2000 has all solid muting design and stylish appearance,


Touch LED Flat Panel

VAMAA Interactive Flat Panel Interactive Flat Panel Display adopts the world’s leading Infrared positioning technology. This high-quality performance, cost-effective Interactive flat panel display will bring vibrant and smooth user experience to Indian Education and Business field.


Ultra Mini Desktop Computer

VAMAA SG-PS-X1200 features A 20 Dual core 1.2 Ghz CPU with DDR3 512 MB RAM & 2GB Flash memory with Embedded Intel core Linux 3.4.SG-PS-X1200 is an outstanding cloud computing terminal with high quality,


Total Teaching Solutions

Total Teaching Solution(TTS) SG-CC-TTS3 Presents its users the comfort of organized, safe, neat and high end applications Integrated in a single wall mounted unit.


Visual Presenter

VAMAA Visual presenter SG-VP-S200L is a completely new concept document camera designed for instructions and presentations anywhere in or out of the classroom or office. SG-VP-S200L is one of the highest quality.