VAMAA Infrared Interactive Whiteboard SG-IW-78IRS(G+)Ce with Ceramic Surface adopts the world leading Infrared positioning technology. Your finger or any other opaque item is your mouse, This high quality, performance, cost effective Interactive whiteboard will bring vibrant and smooth user experience to Indian education and business field. The combination with VAMAA’s Total Teaching Solution SG-CC-TTS3 can make teaching and meeting Vibrant and fun to attend and work with Interaction


Description Parameter
Physical Size 1785mm(W)X1195mm(H)X30.5(T)mm+-2mm
Interactive Screen Size 1652mm(W)x1126mm(H)+-2mm
Touch sensor IR(Infrared) Techonology
Positioning Accuracy <0.5mm
Cursor Speed 125dot/sec
Touch Resolution 4096×4096, Max,32767×32767
Response Speed First dot (Click): 25ms [Short cut keys]
Continuous dots (write):8ms [Writing]
Screen Surface E3 Ceramic steel suface, optimized for projection compatible with dry-erase marker and water based pen.
PC Port USB 2.0, USB 3.0
Accessories USB Cable Installation, CD User’s And Manual, wall mount
with bracket, skrew pen,5m USB Cable
Power supply/voltage power USB Power Supply /DC 4.6V -5.0V/<1W (200mA 5V)
Temperature Working Temperature: -10 C to 45 C
Working Humidity Operation 10% -90% Storage :0-95%
Operating System Driver Free For Windows 7/Win 8/Win 8.1(linux/Mac, Driver Required For android and windows of lower version )
Multi Touch Upto 6 Touch Points